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What if I don't have ftp? - You can download a shareware version of WS-FTP LE Here.

What Operating System and Server Software is being used?

All our systems run a customized version of RedHat, using the powerful Apache Web Server and Apache SSL Server for secure transactions.

What programming languages are available?

Programming Languages:

C and C++

We also provide the following 3rd party scripting engines:


What are your Network capabilities?

You are hosted on our fiber optic network, which connects to the Internet through 1 OC3 and 3 redundant DS-3 multi-homed connections. This high-speed connectivity combined with exceptionally fast and reliable Dual Pentium III servers, guarantee fast access to all web sites housed within our network, and 99.9% uptime 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

How often is my Site backed up?
Web directories and home directories backed up daily.
Main system operations backed up every 4 hours.

What if I exceed my monthly transfer allowance?

You will be notified ahead of time allowing you enough time make arrangements for payment for traffic usage in excess of your monthly allowance.You can have your site setup as Will-Pay, meaning that you will pay for any usage in excess of your monthly allowance. You will only be charged for the actual traffic overage.

Can I transfer/modify an existing domain name?

Yes. In order for us to relocate your current domain, you will need to first fill out the ORDER FORM. You should keep the service at your present site while waiting for your domain name to transfer. We will provide you with a temporary IP address so you can mirror your site on our server. All email and web pages will still be accessed from your current site. When InterNIC receives the template, they will send an authorization request to the current administrative contact of the domain. Once the administrative contact authorizes the transfer, InterNIC will update their records. If you registered your site with Worldnic/Network Solutions or Register.com or another service you will need to make some modifications to your account before the domain transfer can take place. Instructions on how to do this are below.

What is the procedure to modify a domain name with InterNIC?

You will fill out the same form with InterNIC except, highlight 'M' for modify rather than 'N' for a new domain. It is very important that you use the same company name and address on the template as that which is on file at InterNIC. If the company name differs from that which is on file, InterNIC will treat the transfer as a new order and will not allow the transfer to be completed.

What if the InterNIC records are wrong/outdated?

If the contact information for the domain is no longer current, you will then need to use the tracking number you received from InterNIC to fax in the authorization. The tracking number can be found on the email you received from InterNIC saying they received your request. This is the first email they send you after your submission. You will need to prepare a fax on company letterhead, as follows:

Include company name, address and phone number in the header.
Reference the domain name and InterNIC tracking number.
Request the domain name modification in accordance with the InterNIC number to the new Name Servers.
Have the President or Vice President of the company sign the request.
Print the name and title below signature.
Fax the authorization to 703-742-9552 along with a photocopy of a valid photo ID (state Driver's License, passport or any other valid ID) of the person signing the request.

How long does modifying a domain name with InterNIC take?

Once the listed administrative or technical contact on the Whois records authorizes the verification request sent by email, modification usually takes 72 hours for domain propagation around the world.

What is propagation?

Once the relevant registrar announces that your domain name has been registered (or transferred, if applicable), activation usually takes between 48 to 72 hours. All Internet providers must update their records (DNS tables) to reflect new site locations. This is called propagation.

I received an error on the application filed with InterNIC, what do I do?

You will need to correct the error and re-send the application. This should be done by directly replying to the InterNIC email and not by filing an entirely new form. To avoid any delays in approving your domain name, make all corrections on the 'error email' itself sent by InterNIC.

What if one of the contacts listed on the Whois records declines the modification?

As long as you are the listed owner, you can follow the procedure above and fax the authorization in with a valid ID. To expedite this further you may want to place a phone call to InterNIC at 703-742-4777, in most cases they will process your request while you are on the phone with them.

What is a NIC handle?

A NIC handle is a unique identifier assigned to each domain name record, contact record, and network record in the InterNIC domain name database. You can use the same NIC handle as the contact for several domains. This way, if you make a change to the NIC handle (i.e., the email address), all domains using that NIC handle will be updated as well. Thus keeping all your information in the InterNIC database updated.

How do I modify a domain name registered with Worldnic/Network Solutions?

You need to go to their home page (www.worldnic.com) to make changes to your domain or call them at 1-888-642-9675. The changes you will need to make are to the name servers. Our name servers are:



Once these changes are complete, within 48-72 hours, you will be able to use your domain name for uploading files, and viewing your web site instead of using your IP address.

How do I modify a domain name registered with Register.com?

You need to go to their home page (www.register.com) to make changes to your domain. Make the changes to the name servers as follows:

1. Go to www.register.com
2. Click on "manage my domain"
3. Click on "modify DNS information"
4. Delete the temporary default register.com name server information
5. Replace it with our name server information

Our name servers are:



6. Submit new information

Once these changes are complete, within 48-72 hours, you will be able to use your domain name for uploading files, and viewing your web site instead of using your IP address.

How do I modify a domain name registered with a registry other than Network Solutions/Register.com/InterNIC?

You will need to go to the registry you registered with and change their name servers to ours. Usually other registry services provide a username and password that you can login to and make modifications. Our name servers are below.



Once these changes are complete, within 48-72 hours, you will be able to use your domain name for uploading files, and viewing your web site instead of using your IP address.

What if I want time to transfer my files before the modification occurs?

You should file the forms as you normally would but do not reply to the InterNIC verification email until you are ready to have the modification occur.

Do you offer new domain name registration even if the site is not being hosted with Dreamweb?

Yes. We can register your domain name for you without it being hosted by Dreamweb. New domain name registration is only $30 for a 2 year registry.

Can I see what the Dreamweb's CGI scripts for Domain Sites look like before installing them to my site?

Sure! Here they are:

SSI Counter - Copy the following html string and place it on the page where you want your counter to appear:

<img src="/counter/counter.cgi?CounterDataFile">

You will need to change the CounterDataFile to the name of the page you are placing the counter on. For example, if you have a page called awards.html then you need to have your html string look like this:

<img src="/counter/counter.cgi?awards.txt">

If you are placing the counter into a sub folder of your site (say you have a folder called games and a page in the folder called chess.html) you need to have the string look like this:

<img src="/counter/counter.cgi?games-chess.txt">

The CounterDataFile should represent the page and directory its located in.

You can edit the count on any page by going to the counter directory off of your main www and changing the number in the txt file of the page you would like to correct.

Here is how the image will appear on your site:

Multi User Forums - Enhance your website with community building forums generated with PlusScripts. Using PlusScripts you can administer all forum functions via your web browser. 
Postcards - You can create your own online postcards! You will be able to customize the images and music you want on the cards you offer to others.
Visitor Pro Guestbook - lets you set up as many individual guestbooks as you want via your web browser! The Master Admin Program lets you (the administrator) easily add, modify, or delete VisitorBooks from your system.You can also ban IP's and words that you do not want.
Pro Links Page - Let your visitors add links to their sites quickly and easily!
Vote/Polling - Find out what visitors of your site think about certain subject by creating a poll or have them vote about something of interest to you. You will be able to access and edit your poll page online via your web browser.
Quiz Master - an "easy" to use test and score script for any purpose. Quiz was designed, to need minimal configuration within the perl script. Quiz allows for up to 25 questions (multiple choice works best) the entire output of the cgi script is controlled by the HTML form VIA hidden form fields.

Quizmaster is a separate script, which simplifies (greatly) creating new quizzes, by generating the HTML file for you, from a few questions in some web forms. Together, Quiz and Quizmaster would allow you to rapidly create an number of Quiz pages on your server.

SFE Page Search - Help visitors to your site find what they are looking for quickly and easily with this handy little script.
Whois Internic Check - Find out information on a Domain.
That's an Order - Single Page Shopping cart for up to 25 items. Add complete ecommerce capability to your website with this full featured and powerful ecommerce solution. With this package you can set up ALL your store options and ecommerce entirely online with an easy step by step process.
Autoresponders - An autoresponder is a pre-determined message with information you want automatically sent to anyone who emails a designated email address/mailbox at your domain. When an email is sent to a mailbox that you have assigned an autorespond message to the autoresponder automatically sends a reply. You can easily create an autoresponder with the WebControl System provided with your domain. Click Here to send a test email and see the autoreponse.
I have a subdomain site under dreamweb and I would like to have a Counter, Guestbook, Etc., where do I get one for free?

Free Phaistos Guestbook Completely customizable to match your website, choice of allowing html or not, profanity check, unlimited entries, can email everyone who has signed your book from the control panel.

Free Guestbook (formerly Guestworld/Lpage) allows no more than 250 entries, after that older entries are deleted.

Bravenet Guestbook Good guestbook if you want one that does not accept html.
They also offer message board, chat room, Free For all links page & counter.

Free Feedback Email form

Interactive Applications for your website

Homepage Tools (guestbooks, UltraBoard, Free for all Links page)

Mega Webtools



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